Vespers at Malmesbury Abbey

Saturday 4 July 2015    7.30pm    Malmesbury Abbey

Tchaikovsky Music for Vespers
Fauré Requiem

Lucy Sealy soprano
Iain Duffin baritone
Marcus Sealy organ

Nigel Perrin conductor

It was a sublime performance. The variation in dynamics in the Tchaikovsky was really stunning,

and at one point I looked at the choir and wondered, “How can so many voices sing so quietly?” The pianissimos were superb, just what the conductor wanted. Such a contrast with the powerful opening. At times, I was almost moved to tears by the sheer beauty of the music. The Faure was equally beautiful, full of light and shade, sensitivity and drama, the singing so precise. The diction, from where we were sitting, was as clear as a bell. Each of the soloists had expressive qualities and beautiful voices and Marcus, of course, accompanied as sensitively as always. The Otchye Nash from memory was also very impressive. Listening to the performance was akin to having a massage, but with sonorous voices replacing the hands. We left feeling totally uplifted by the experience, made all the more special by the surroundings.

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