Summer 2018 review - Vivaldi/Handel


Saturday 23 June at 7:30 pm in Bath Abbey

City of Bath Bach Choir with Music for Awhile, leader Margaret Faultless, conducted by Nigel Perrin


Reviews of Vivaldi/Handel concert 23 June 2018 for Website

From a member of the audience.........

STUNNING! You achieved lift-off in the opening bars of the Vivaldi

and kept flying high until the closing notes of the Handel. From the audience's viewpoint, in case some of the choir don't quite believe you, having learned the work by heart your projection was remarkable and it seemed as though you were really singing it for us! And with what panache and confidence! The Dixit Dominus has long been one of my favourites, but your performance made me appreciate anew the complexity, beauty, joy and power in the music. Thank you! The choir's concentration during this piece was very evident and I am surely contributed to the cohesion and exciting interpretation of the piece.

At the end choir members' faces exhibited a wonderful mixture of elation and joy - at the same time as being somewhat blitzed.

Thank you Nigel and the BBC for a truly memorable evening.


From a member of the choir.....

Dear Nigel,

I was SO gutted not to be well enough to sing last night. BUT I did come back and bought a returned ticket so I could hear the Concert. Wow! Wow! what an amazing occasion it was. The Vivaldi was Glorious in every way. The Choir sounded as if singing it from memory was well within their capability and I sang every note in my head. With no copies to hide in, the sound was projected and focused. The rich tone of the Gratias Agimus was lovely and the pleading of Qui tollis moving. My favourite movement was the Domine Fili - it danced and made me glad to be alive.

Then the Dixit Dominus - you certainly did need courage to programme it! It was exciting, exciting! The fantastic Music for Awhile played all the rhythms so beautifully and precisely that the singing just came together. The hours of work that the Choir had put in were richly rewarded with a fine performance of which they should be very proud. The diction was clear and the plethora of running semi quavers just came together. The enormous audience were clearly in raptures with it all.

Many congratulations to you for your unswerving dedication to pull it off.   You did!

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